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Add UNLIMITED links from your favorite music and social media platforms. ONE LINK pointing to a collection of links. Make it easy for fans and friends to connect!

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"Musiclink me Origami Rose!"

We work with musicians (big and small) so that they can connect all of their social media, e-commerce, and music platforms to just a single link. We're solving the issue of having to share multiple links...Instead just share your musiclink!

Simple and clean design with custom backgrounds

Other platforms are expensive, complex and confusing. Musiclink is as simple as it is shareable, allowing musicians to add as many links as they would like. They can point to any platform, whether music, e-commerce, social media, or any other sponsored products or services. Through ONE LINK, your fans and friends can now connect with your entire body of work. The fan favorite feature is Musiclink┬┤s custom full-page background. Musiclink allows you to customize the background to your Musiclink page. It gives your page a unique personality and there┬┤s nothing more important for a musician or music lover than being unique, being different. We keep it clean and simple!

Connect Musiclink with your social accounts

Have you ever noticed that many social media platforms only allow a single link for your bio? If fans want to hear new music or check out your new merch, you have to send them multiple links to multiple different platforms. That's a problem. It's way too tedious and time consuming. With Musiclink, connect it all with one link!

Musiclink is more than just music!

All music lovers can benefit from using Musiclink. It's low cost and is great for any musician who would like to promote their entire body of work or a blogger who loves to blast out their Top 10 favorite tracks for the week. Do it using a single link. Musicians that are fashion designers can link their hottest designs and where to buy them. Musicians that are involved in film can showcase their newest films. Music producers can showcase their newest tracks. Artists can shine light on their favorite charities. DJ's can show love to their favorite sponsors, endorse ("co-sign") their friends and promote their newest mixes. Music fans can shout out their favorite new tracks. Leverage musiclink to provide promotional support or turn musiclink into a full blown referral business. The possibilities are endless. Direct fans and friends to your musiclink page. It's that simple!

The most popular platforms are used to promote their music

Music creators will not only rely on the power of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote their brand. They can now use Musiclink.me to link to the hottest streaming platforms on the planet.

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